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What would you take with you in an uninhabited island?

AKB48 is my treasure.
Oshima Yuko (via ichi-kuma-da)


It’s me. AKB48 Team B’s Watanabe Mayu.

This year, regarding my speech on senbatsu sousenkyo two year’s ago that I told that I want to be the first, I’ve made a bet.

However, This year that dream come true. 

 That time to become the first, was a year full of  hard work. Earnestly I were really serious to work hard, put all my effort, I were thinking that no other thing over it.

At once, to think of giving up my dream, such thing was ever been in my mind. However, that time, you are all the fans encouraged me up.

"The next time, definitely, you will dance on the first position"

hearing those words, I realized that I must not give up my dream.

I joined AKB when I were 12 years old, and this year I turned twenty.

On the way I walked through, I faced a lot of things, for sure.

However, Since the life is just once, and since I passed the audition of AKB that I love through the tough progress, I want to get a decent place. So I kept walking until this day.

Thruthfully, “I’m glad that I didn’t give up” is all my thought now.

I believed on the way that I walk on, and I believed that the fans always kept supporting, So, I’m really glad that finally I’m able to come to this place now.

When I joined AKB, and became the third gen, There are a lot of sempai in front of my eyes.

Time went by, a new kouhai were coming up,  the sister groups were also created. The sempai who I respect were graduating one by one.

By their graduating, I thought that I missed them.

When I joined AKB48, first time I ever thought about where AKB will be brought to?

Now, with AKB48 and also the remaining third generation, with all the strength, there’s no other way than just to move forward.

Until now, because I always looked at the sempai’s back, following their ways, their wonderful work, the sempai also gave their assistance for me, a lot of support I got, so that I’m able to get the first place. Those were wonderful things that I ever got.

Now, I can’t look at the sempai’s back or hear their advice anymore. 

From now on, since I have a lot of kouhais, I want them looking at my back and say ” I want to follow her way, to be such strong, I to be such kind of member”

Rather than just looking at the sempai’s back, I think I would be better to look up at AKB48 group’s future. Without forgetting the ones who had graduated, with a lot of gratitude feeling on my heart, I want to move forward.

to you who are here even though the rain poured and cold breezed, also to the people who are watching this on the television,

for all you support,

Thank you very much. 



Shinoda Mariko [Instagram: maricollet3] 06.08.2014:
"Congratulations Mayuyu(^ν^)”

This is so adorable ;_;




Shinoda Mariko [Instagram: maricollet3] 06.08.2014:


"Congratulations Mayuyu(^ν^)”

This is so adorable ;_;



she is glowing

congratulations on number one mayu!